“This colorful and fleeting moment in my studio”.-A/R/E/A/ STUDIOS

Music is a vital element when I’m in the studio, it ignites something in me and on this particular day, Sade was the igniter.

The above piece is an ode to the smooth, melodic, and melancholy voice of SADE ADU.

Who Ignites you? Do Tell. 

Sade has been such an impact in my life.  Her music is a tasteful compliment to this here thing called life…the struggle.

Because of her songs, the emotion in them and the connection that I feel, it’s kind of hard for me to listen to her.  Does that make any sense? I have to really be in the mood for Sade.  Not because I don’t just sorta like her but because I like her music waaay too much.   So much so that it puts me in such a zone, the type where I literally want to do nothing else but sit and listen.

My favorite Sade Songs to play and ignite my creative spirit while I’m working ferociously away on a painting are *drumroll*:

Kiss of Life
Cherish the Day
Sweetest Taboo


I also made a process video for this piece. Enjoy HERE.






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