I’m Farrah Lynch, a self-taught artist and owner/operator of my art world, A Rebel Eye Art Studios LLC.

From young mother to exhibiting artist, I’ve had a pretty rich and interesting life so far.

I’ve been in the art world for a minute and can you believe I’m still here. Yes. You see, my passion is art and my purpose is to share it. I was formally introduced to art in my late teen years around the same time I became a mother. *Eeek* Because of my choices, my priorities shifted and so did my dreams. I had to accept reality and get a job. Fast forward five years later, one additional child, a new home, my hubs and a steady paycheck, I noticed something missing.  While I don’t regret my three hearts, pictured below) I lacked a passion for life.  I had done nothing for me and decided that  THAT wasn’t good enough.  I decided to turn to the thing that I missed and the thing that was safe! 😄, the thing I just realized I’d always won at…I’ve always been a damn good artist y’all. I mean I’m just sayin…but I digress. 

Mi Familia.

My love for art was officially reignited in 2010 after receiving a request to fulfill a birthday commission.Because of the enthusiastic response, I’ve been on a mission to spread my version of art love ever since.

Acrylic Palette portrait

I classify myself as a multi-faceted artist or in proper terms, multi-disciplined. My art go to is creating off the cuff acrylic conceptual paintings. I further apply my style of “work” in the manner I’m accustomed to, Raw Contemporary.

 What does that mean?
Well it’s just one of my main core tenets for creating my pieces. Raw is a must have element for me because it aptly describes my approach from medium to subject matter. Untethered, unabrupted, and unscripted are just a few of the words that really describe this approach. I use rough and hard edged materials, from my canvases to my weathered palette knives and busted acrylic tubes and tight working space and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Raw Materials

My other core tenets are: Experimentation, Originality, Beauty, and Authenticity

It took a while for me to come to this formula for creating.  In the beginning I lacked focus and purpose. I held pinned up energy inside of me starting at my high school days up until my mid to late twenties and simply needed an out.  I totally understand that now and it’s a good thing that it happened that way, because I’m able to direct that energy in more meaningful ways. I’ve learned what I can handle and what I can’t. I’ve grown up.

Commissions? Nah, not for me any longer.

Taking any and every job? Nah, not for me.

Going the direction of unconventionality with art on my terms? Check.

Applying my own unique flavor to my art without restrictions? Check.

After observing the art game so to speak for all these years, I noticed a need for difference and decided I could work towards creating the remedy.  But I knew that the remedy would only be successful IF I worked from an authentic, integral space.
I still pursue painting most of the time but I’ve also included other forms of artistic expression to extend my reach.


So now my world is a rhapsody of free art ideas.  

I still paint, yes, but you will also see my world opening up to free ideas such as launching a stock art service, art licensing, and art media.

When it comes down to it, I create for a certain “type” of art enthusiast. My target customer loves art and wants in but doesn’t know where to begin.

They want to collect a sophisticated work of art that will last for ages not the moment.

They want a piece that challenges the eyes and minds for anyone viewing.

They don’t want a reworked masterpiece or artworks that lack technical skills in execution.

So herein lays A/R/E/A STUDIOS.

Did I mention I exhibited at a museum? Several group shows? And was even granted a scholarship awarded to me by a prestigious art museum?

It could all be luck, or it could all be because I decided to step outside the lines. Something I encourage everyone to do because you may find what you’re looking for and fall in love with it and paint your world like I’m doing.






Outside the HMAAC museum which featureed my month long solo exhbit: CODE in 2015


I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1981 to strong Michiganders or Michiganites ?

My first international trip was at the age of 8, when my mother decided it would be a good idea for my brothers and sisters and I to visit a Mexican border town one summer. I left with so many jewels tho.

I’m the second of five children between my parents.

I bought my first home at the age of 22.

My personal style is simple. I wear one item of jewelry only and feel most beautiful in a simple tee and jeans. I do, swear.

I love all things girly; I just have trouble manifesting them in my real life.I’m a girly girl inside though.

I’ve tripped, fallen, misspoke, sinned, all of that and I’m still here.

I have a heart for young girls with children and I hope to start a non-profit serving these very same girls in the near future.

I run 2-5 times a week in part because I played sports in my youth and never quite let go of the training received

I hate Valentines Day and dislike John Legend all in one scoop. <people think I’m cray for this.

I’m a natural girl. I practiced veganism, vegetarinsim and raw food eating for a period of two years combined. While I’m no longer either on a strict basis, I love vegan foods still and prefer to eat in a vegan manner for most of the time. Just don’t put a grilled burger in my face puhlease.

As I said before, I’m a natural girl, southern fried to be exact.  I burn incense, and I wear locs and have for twelve years with no plans of cutting them anytime soon.

I’m attempting to incorporate meditation into my routine but I fail at it every time. Too many thoughts, way too many. Smh.

I live to travel but hate flying. Weird.

What else…what else….that’s all I got. Have questions for me? Ask in the comments section below and I’ll answer.




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