Rawtoon Motivationals

It’s just one of a few ways that I like to express myself while attempting to inspire, ignite and connect with people on a path to better themselves. That’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say, right?

(I hated that shit btw.)
I decided to launch, FLM MEDIA ARTS as the official unofficial media segment of my studio for this very reason. In a small and simple way, I want to be able to create unexpected anecdotes to encourage.
Why do I coin it Rawtoon?

Because I’m an amateur. I create using the standard cartooning method but I’m in no way patient enough for perfection. Still by still my hand shifts and shakes and in a weird way, I like it. The result of the overall piece, yes I refer to my toons in the manner I would a painting, is to appear raw and unfinished. And seeing how this is my general aesthetic from an artistic standpoint, it only makes sense that it extends to my other forms of expression


The RAWTOON attached is meant to motivate people to go above and beyond today or any day.

I’ll discuss the process behind this RAWTOON on my Youtube channel this weekend.

Peace & Art.

Apps:Animation, movie maker, and music maker (< I make the music you hear too)
Process: SIKE! It’s a secret!

Instagram: @arebeleyeart

Twitter: @arebeleyeart

^^^^^^^ To get more of my RAWTOON Motivationals


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