The ability to put complex thoughts into visual pictures is a winning formula for the artist of 2016 and 2017.  The Conceptual Artist is poised to win for a minute, here’s why.

There are several artists out here doing that and have amassed large followings and I suspect from their “followers” numbers substantial sales as a result. <pure speculation here.
But I see you.

When you hear the statement: We’re all alike in some way believe it.
The conceptual artist has managed to visualize shared feelings and thoughts between us all and become very successful at winning our hearts and loyalty as a result.
If you’re an artist, pay attention.

To win with this formula you have to step your game up and challenge yourself.
What does that mean?
It means tapping into your unique brand of individuality and pulling out original imagery from your imagination. It means marrying original ideas with color well, it requires more practice and confidence.
Most of us have a hard time articulating ourselves for fear of sounding too…whatever.
Somehow we’ve managed to define “feeling” as weird. Granted all thoughts and feelings should not be shared. < Yes, I totally agree here.
But collecting art that emphatically visualizes this is freeing in my opinion and creating art which expresses this could mean success.

Just a thought…I’m curious to know if anyone else has predictions for the “Winning artist of 2017”.


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