A sage is said to be one who is profoundly wise.

Sage is also a type of plant many use to rid themselves, homes, spaces of negative energies, to bring in blessings and to smudge out all of our impossibilities.

Considering these days I suspect many are taking up this tradition in a more frequent manner.

This Sunday, I went for it.

A while ago I picked up some sage at Venice Beach, CA while visiting my love out of sheer curiosity.  I wanted to see.  I wanted to test the physical against the spiritual.  Maybe I was caught up in the mysticism of Venice, the beauty of the beach or the rhythm of the people.

My intent for buying was purely to shake up my world, my family’s world, to usher in peace and to gain more understanding about my circumstance and to connect with God in a way that I never have.

Since then I’ve only smudged once. That time I had my windows open, reggae as my sounds, incense burning and  a prayed up spirit.  The world seemed so much more at peace, so my intention was so.

Today was and is different. Amidst the utter chaos in this world today where life and worth are the debate, I decided it was time for another bout at it.

At the center of this Sunday’s smudging session were prayers and words regarding the future of my children, my relationship, prosperity for a business venture my hubs, sons and I have agreed to begin, restoration, strength and courage.

For me, Sunday’s has always been a day for restoration. It was bred in me from the time of being a little girl to now. So the practice of recognizing and acknowledging Sunday’s mystical power is  embedded within me to the tenth power and then some. So much so that it just doesn’t sit right within if I don’t do something in respect.

How do you respect your Sunday’s? What are the rituals you practice that day as a means to restore yourself and your spirit?


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