Have you ever noticed that those who are adept in whatever field they’ve chosen to pursue, typically surround themselves with the necessary people, tools, and spaces that reinforce their decision?

You’ve done that too I’m sure.  I have.  For instance, when I wanted to be a model (in my teens mind you) and “felt” I was a model, I immersed and surrounded myself with Vogue and Elle issues and always had my television set to Fashion Television.  *sigh*

The chef may take measures to ensure they have a top of the line kitchen even at home to strengthen their skills.

A fitness enthusiast likely has a space adorned with fitness equipment and motivational posters to associate themselves with the fit lifestyle.

By the title of this post, I’m pretty sure; you know where I’m going with this.

With this post, I’m coming to you from the Artistic side of the game to tell you just how I’ve created a kick ass and epic “reinforcement” space, also known as an ART STUDIO for myself.  I hope you aspiring artists pay attention…this isn’t as difficult as you think. It’s actually super easy and thus doable.

Creating my kick ass ART STUDIO didn’t happen over-night, but that’s not to say that it couldn’t have and that it can’t happen for you today.  I want to share with you how my fearless approach to cultivating my space / place became the ultimate method for setting me in a place of artful purpose.

View a few pics of my space.


See the punching bag and top storage ?…see *wink* PS: That cement floor is so me.

Farrah Lynch Art Studio 2016. A Rebel Eye Art Studios LLC

Farrah Lynch Art Studio 2016. A Rebel Eye Art Studios LLC

Get you a damn plant!

Oh, I’ve also included a few “light hearted” rules for creating a KICK ASS ART SPACE as told by my actual art. 


  • There are No Rules

I just want to share that with you first.

So approach this task with a free mind.  The Art Police do not exist.  Your space, your right. If you want paint brushes hanging from the sealing or paint splattered all on the walls and floor.  By all means go right ahead.

My art space is in my garage so I have a little bit more freedom to buck.  So definitely adhere to the rules of your living situation because you don’t want to find yourself not getting your deposit back and/or facing extra “damage” charges at the end of a lease or rental agreement. So I kind of lied earlier, when I said your space, your right.   Just a little. Technically you COULD do what you wanted, just be ready to face the consequences.

In my space, I chose to corner it off with a display rack and if you can’t tell I have paint everywhere.  Once a month I try to paint the walls white to give a feeling that I’m painting in a gallery space.

Here’s a tip for those of you with confining living agreements.


If you live in an apartment or if you’re confined to a room, I definitely suggest purchasing a divider. It’s nice to “enter” into a space. The divider gives the illusion that you are indeed stepping into another realm.  My dividers/ store display racks were a gift from my older sister to use when doing outdoor art events.  Instead of storing them in the downtime, using them made more sense.

Decorate the outside of your divider with art and even try hanging lights from it. < By flipping the lights on, it also sets the atmosphere of “entering” into that other realm.

Because how else will the two lone paintings you’ve created shine?
Because how else will the two lone paintings you’ve created shine?
  • AIM for Comfort and Mobility

As artists, it’s nothing for us to be on our feet for hours and not even realize it!  Isn’t that powerful?! I personally love being in that frame of mind and moment.  You know, that intense gazing and mental problem solving to get the perfect picture is relaxing in a weird way.  But when I’m finished for the day, let’s just say that if feet could talk, they would give me a good cussing out and perhaps even a back hand.

It took me a while to get my “comfort” level right.  I tested out shoes, chairs, etc. and found that simple, foam flip flops work best to handle the strain of standing for long periods of time.  I don’t do chairs and I haven’t tried the stool option just yet.  But the stool option ties into the necessity of mobility.

I would like to be able to roll around if I do get a stool.  I need to be able to roll back and forward for gazing and to determine the progress of my pieces.  This is the mobility I require.

Tip:If you’re a stander, like me, then try a foam bottom shoe.

If you’re a sitter, definitely be sure to sit on a pillow or two and purchase an easel or supply tray that moves around.  It may require taking the time to build and that’s fun right? You’d purchase a set of wheels from your local hardware store and if possible affix them to the bottom of your easel or supply box, if they don’t already have them and BAM! You know have a mobile “work” or “play” space.

A wall is necessary for posing in front of…well, because artists pose.

GET YOU A DAMN WALL…A wall is necessary for posing in front of…well, because artists pose.

  • Personality

Please throw your personality into your arrangement.  Think of your space as a recipe or dish on the brink of being complete but missing one or two simple elements to really put it over the top.  Yea, it’s the same thing.  Your space needs some of your personality.


 I’m all things fun, boozy, positive and afro-centric.  Yea, all at once.  So I have toys, a wine glass and wine bottle or two on the shelf, and I’ve even situated African figurines throughout my supplies, shelving and material compartments.  I also love to draw random things on my walls. Mainly words of encouragement to gaze upon when I’m discouraged about how a piece is turning out.

Plants are authentic and all natural like, that essence adds to the “realness of your paintings”

IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PLANT, THEN YOU’RE LOSING…Plants are authentic and all natural like and add an essence of “realness” to your paintings.

  • Essentials Storage

Of course storage is essential for the artist. If you’ve seen my latest art haul video it will give you an idea about how much I accumulate just with one store visit. ONE.

I can honestly say on average, I pick up at least 10 items with every visit.

*Sigh Again*

Why? Where am I going to store all of this stuff?

I have a garage space but it’s small. Seriously.

So here’s what I’ve done.

I purchased storage bins from Walmart, you know, the ones with lids and wheels for concealing and storing “under” < Key word.

I’ve also utilized the structures my husband has built in the garage for other purposes.

For instance, the punching bag installed just above my head in my space had…HAD open space on top. This is now where my extra canvases lie. I stack canvases against each other along the wall as neat as I can and I have several mini side tables with shelves that act as open storage units.


I suggest investing in a shelf or two for your space.  You want shelves strong enough to hold heavy items like paint cans and deep enough to hold small to medium size canvases.


Ahhhh, the 4 keys to art studio greatness all wrapped up with one post.  I have others, but I just wanted to share the essentials with you aspiring artists and my art society, and non-artists included to inspire you to create your “spaces” to the max as a positive way to reinforce your personal goals and endeavors.

Well because you want to give people the impression that are locked in to the art.

FIND YOU SOME BARS…Well because you want to give people the impression that you are locked in to the art.

I’d love to know both by the way.

  1. What are your endeavors? 2.  And how have you maximized or created spaces to make them come alive?

Be sure to comment here or at the aforementioned “ART HAUL” video posted above on my Youtube channel.

*Peace and Art*

Download this image and start your own INTERNET PRODUCT STORE.

Download this image and start your own INTERNET PRODUCT STORE.


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