How I made $700 in 4hrs with My Art 

A WHILE AGO, on another blog, a loonnng time ago, I wrote about my first art show and how it was an incredible success. Success as defined by me. 

I wanted to share that experience with my society, especially those aspiring to take the art world by storm as I once had plans to. 

I hope this post inspires you to go after your idea of art success. 

Disclaimer: some of the info you may notice references “dealers” please ignore it as the info still applies. At the time I was writing to a specific segment of my studio that is now defunct for the moment. 

Thank you. 

Reading Begins Below. 


I officially launched my business over the web first. I was excited, rang the alarm, notified everyone I could only to receive no response. I was devastated. I thought how could I receive so many kudos and interest from people who said they admired my work to get nothing?!

Instead of give up, I decided to host an art party. I decided I’d try to give people an opportunity to get up close and personal with my art beyond the facebook photos they were used to.

The date was set, I was overly ambitious with the work I’d bring, I had my pricing set, Square ready, you name it, it was on.

The day of the party, I arrived adorned in my logo shirt, jeans and heels (MISTAKE), a killer smile and nerves. Right up to the last minute, I was cleaning the bathroom, putting on makeup, and hanging work on the walls. Slowly but surely people showed up and my artwork began to leave the walls.

I guess you could say I worked the room. The moment people arrived to the party, I engaged them. The black art trivia game (WHICH YOU GET AS DEALERS) I pulled together in the previous 24hours, showed my interest, commitment and corroborated my knowledge of art. Not all of the facts I knew, so it was also a great learning experience. The next way I engaged with attendees was through a competition drawing game. Think charades meets American Idol. The best artist won a small print from me. There were definitely some crazy pictures going on, which made for a room full of laughter and deeper report.

One by one in the moments in between games, art thirsty lovers would walk up to me with questions, artwork in hand inquiring about the price and offering commentary.

My rule that day was, outside of the “set” pricing I established, certain pieces were Make Your Best Offer (ALSO AN OPTION FOR DEALERS) pieces. Surprisingly, no one priced low.

Yes we all want something for free, but we also like to puff our chests when we obtain something of value. At the end of it all, I made $700+ dollars in art sales.

People do want art. It was proven. I saw the power of customer service and accessibility all in one room. It can happen for you too artists.  Good Luck! 



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