How Your “Energy” May be Hurting You- PART 1.

When we speak the word energy these days, many understand that we’re not talking about the common description and understanding of the actual word; but that we’re instead speaking of it from an esoteric space.

Let’s Start There.


I listened to a quick Youtube video from licensed clinical social worker, Shonna Etienne, entitled, Creating Financial Freedom and Economic Empowerment, where she discussed the virtue of having your personal energy line up with your financial expectations in a nutshell.

She actually released a wealth of “powerful” bombs, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to keep it brief with a few key points that stood out to me.  You can listen to her Shonna Etienne Lesson on Economic Empowerment

Now, let me tell you, today my mental was all messed up.  Up until this point.

I spent a portion of my day Instagram comparing and could feel the depression in me rise up the meter like a thermometer in heat.

I concluded that I was valueless and useless compared to other artists and that the state of my being , that is, a struggling artist with a 9-5 job, was a result of poor choices I made in the past.

Yea, so I was there.

And then my trusty Youtube notification hit.

Hmmm, new video.  I was intrigued a little by the title.  “Creating Financial Freedom”..yada yada, I’ve been here before, I get it, but I’ll listen anyway.  The topic of Financial Improvement never gets old right?

I was pleasantly surprised.

What struck me the most about her presentation was her explaining how our minds are essentially conductors of our energy. The two work hand in hand.  So let’s say, you’re thinking in absolutes with regard to your financial potential or in other words have concluded that you are indeed poor or unworthy mkay???  Well then by her explanation you will project this “energy” into the world and receive as you’ve given.

Let me break down an example that happened to me.  It spells it out beautifully.

In 2014, I created a series of angel paintings which at the time was a pleasant experience for me.  I like to think that I’m on positive mode when creating and I am for the most part.

 What I was missing was the preparedness to receive.  

I didn’t even allow myself to think that far ahead.  I didn’t want money and didn’t believe the artwork was worth money…it bit me slightly in the end.

The moment I posted my angel painting on my Instagram feed, I received an inquiry from someone who wanted to purchase it.  Instantly I was confused and my energy unsettling.  I wasn’t prepared for that response and projected that into how I handled this customer’s order.  It’s embarrassing to admit now, but in my state of confusion, I was delayed in shipping the artwork after being paid, which resulted in the client losing trust in me.  The client emailed me, I could tell unsettled because they were probably afraid that they had in fact been instagram SCAMMED. 

A shame right?

Yea, no bueno.

I will write the conclusion to this fiasco next week because at this moment, I’d like to know if you in anyway can relate or understand this concept of energy transference and if you’ve manifested it for the positive or negative.

LET’S CONNECT AND DISCUSS, Drop me a comment below.

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