FACEBOOK LIVE PAINT SESSION. Why I Decided to Jump and Do. (IGNITED) 5min Read.


I recently decided to take my art live. < This is big.  Typically I create my work in the privacy of my studio with occasional video recordings in the form of speed painting  or informational tidbits about my process.  I can also be seen live painting at the annual Via Colori Street Art festival where I create street art for thousands of people to see along with other artists to benefit the Center for Hearing and Speech. 

 Well now, I’ve gone and done it.  I went full monty and brought YOU inside the studio with me this past Friday.  Something I decided I will do every 2nd Friday of the month at 3pm CST.

 Click here to participate in next month’s event. 

First, let me just say, it wasn’t as bad as my nerves would have me believe.  I learned a few things with regard to “music sharing” and I definitely need to get the visual aesthetics down, i.e. camera rotation.

(I created a  video about other lessons I learned too, I’ll post a link to that video on Friday on Twitter page.)

But, my trepidation to record live was REAL.  You see, I suffer from a fear of being “caught”.  “Caught” as in the fear that people will see and determine that I’m not as good as I claim to be.

What if my eyes give out on me and the work I create comes out to be pure poo trash?   Does this happen to you too? You know, Doubt?

In addition to getting caught, I also suffer from, “damn shaky hand” syndrome.  A syndrome my friend and I gave name to during a selfie session we had where we were unable to stabilize our cell phone cameras to take the ultimate friend selfie or…usie.  We would repeatedly shout, “DAMN SHAKY HAND!!!”  whenever the picture was a fail.  (Think Florida Evans on Good Times the moment she received word of James Evans dying at work. )

So can you see why I almost stepped away from the challenge?

But I chose not to this time.

I got past it.  I decided I was going to keep my word and just do it.

The funny thing about it, is that the announcement was never supposed to publish to my Facebook timeline in the first place!  I created an ad about this new live venture, thinking I would post it on my website and no one would see it until I WAS READY.

My Facebook page said otherwise.

 I happened to check my Facebook page because I received a notice about a few page likes, only to scroll a little down my timeline to see that the ad was live! 

Here are the 3 reasons why I decided to go live.

Artists, take note

  1. It’s important for me to introduce myself and brand of art to a new group of people in addition to creating ways I can connect more with my existing audience.  So a 2-in 1.  I often have conversations with my professional artist sister about why my art is not “hittin” in these streets and she has advised me that I just haven’t found those who truly connect with my art.  So my live events is an attempt to do just that.  

  1. It’s a fun way for people to be all up in my studio with me. Excuse the slang.  As mentioned before, I need music to create but this is one thing you wouldn’t know if you weren’t right there creating with me.  Unless of course I post a sound bite on my Instagram Feed. but of course it’s nothing like experiencing the real thing. You also get a view of how I move and react to the space, materials, weather, in real time.  This past event was recorded in my garage.  Yes,  my art space/ studio is in my garage.  That was a challenge in itself because I’m based out of TX, so you already know it was hot as hell.  If you watched you got to see me soaking up the sweat and taking frequent breathers and water breaks.  The type of “struggle” I usually go through alone when I’m working.  But because my overall aesthetic has a raw element to it, showing you the ugly behind the art is par for the course.

  2. The start of something great. I never finish with just an art piece.  My other motto and/or studio mission is to extend my art to infinity and beyond.  So while you’re watching the birth of an artwork, you’re also seeing the beginning of an art evolution and revolution.  I love taking artwork and transforming it beyond the canvas.  The only thing?  You have to keep up with me to see where I take it.   That could mean YOU winning a free print of the work or seeing it become a cartoon for my art tv channel, I could transform it into a unique gift idea, or I could even open it up for public use.  I never “really” know but just know it doesn’t stop at the canvas with me.

Here is a gif of the painting I started during the live event before the heat decided it was time to end the session.  The painting is currently untitled, but the subject came to be as  I began thinking about a woman embracing the idea of freedom and flight.  I’ve actually printed up a few mock art products in my studio with the image of this original painting.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

I really do like this one…I like them all though!


So will you join me for the next live event?  

Friday, September 9th @ 3pm CST?  

Go here to watch me next month.  

Oh! and submit a theme!  My last piece wasn’t planned so this time I want your suggestions on what I should paint.  I work on an 11×14 canvas for this event so whatever it is keep this in mind. The artwork must fit within those constrictions.  You don’t want to see me paint a colossal piece that would last for hours upon hours do ya?  I don’t think so. You got things to do and I can respect that.


Submit your suggestions for my next event here. 

Want to Paint With Me?

You can for September’s event.  

This weekend I will release Canvas Templates in my studio shop, I’ve affectionately named “Canvas Seeds” you can order to paint along with me!


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