How Your Energy May Be Hurting Your Business Part Deux.

How You’re Energy May Be Hurting You Part 2.

To continue from the first part of my original post found here>, “How Your Energy May be Hurting You”, I ended it by telling of my experience in how my unpreparedness and low energy transferred to a customer’s order.

After receiving the email from my concerned customer, I responded with apologies and definitely shipped her artwork, WITH an additional gift, the whole time however feeling ashamed that I allowed my low energy about the sale, unpreparedness, and doubt in my ability to really be a selling artist to dictate my initial response to her excitement to purchase.

I transferred this energy to my customer without even realizing and it literally caused her to be confused, resulting in her email to me.

Take note artists or anyone pursuing a “thing”.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  I do admit that I still struggle with the idea of “worth” in this economy and society AND in this era of Instagram art stars.

But I’m paying more attention now and will try to heed the key points that I took from the presenters video.

Here are 3 points given for anyone pursuing a thing with the goal to receive and change their economic physical and mental state.

  1. Raise your Energy- Sell/Present with a positive and upbeat spirit and that same energy will be drawn to you.
  2. Have a product or service or both-Don’t limit your economic potential to one option.
  3. Be Organized and Balanced- Be ready for the opportunities you’re dreaming about and make sure you’re able to handle them with a more balanced mind state.

Listen to the video yourself and let’s discuss.


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