My New Internet Gem

Can I introduce you to my internet gem, FLMSTOCKART.COM.  (WATCH HOW TO NAVIGATE THE SITE HERE > ) If there’s nothing I love more about the internet, it is the ability to lay your stake on whatever virtual land you see fit to build.

I’m the queen of domain buying in case you didn’t know.  I currently own 8+ domain names.  < A clear reflection of my dizzy and busy mind.  That’s natural for an artist right?

Part of my purpose for taking a step back within the past year, you know after that failed art exhibit Fall of 2015 was to re-strategize my vision and action steps for executing my art dreams successfully. This time in a way that really harnessed my true strengths and a process I really enjoyed.

I like to illustrate. I like to create playful and odd little illustrations in my spare time on all types of subjects from my perspective and I decided, with pleasure and a teeny bit of apprehension that I would begin sharing them with the masses.


A hub for creatives to use my illustrations for personal gain, something I absolutely have no problem with.  This idea came out of strategy session where it was decided to develop a service and product arm of my art studio< I love saying that, to serve on modern terms. For me the tradition of buying art and promoting art had become boring and crowded.

A Quick Rundown

What is FLMSTOCKART? essentially is a studio service for people needing creative inspiration to fulfill their creative dreams.

What can one do at

Like any other stock illustration site, here, creatives can browse my growing content marketplace to choose, download and use the art as they see fit.

How is this site different?

Searching for art on my site ushers in the ideas.

Does that make sense?

Okay, let me break it down a bit more.

I coin the illustrations as alternative and odd.  Just as today, you can simply search for an image, here you must browse and allow the idea to flow to you through the art.

It just requires you to think a little more outside the box.
My new art service is for both the creative and aspiring entrepreneur.

Here’s how:

Creatives of course can browse for images to meet the need of a creative project, whether personal or commercial.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can browse for the right art to jumpstart an online store product line.

I offer two types of licensing options one free, the other can be purchased based on need.

If you do not intend to generate sales from the image, a standard license is the way to go. <ITS FREE!

If you do, then purchasing a commercial license would allow for you to do so. Prices range from $5.00-$30.00, so still VERY affordable.

I don’t have a confusing point system and because we’re growing you won’t waste time away from your project searching for the right image.

I’m really proud of my new baby and I’m very optimistic about where it is going to go, My goal for this art service, is to have 500 images uploaded and categorized by March.

That’s 20 images a week, 2-3 images a day of me uploading art to the site.

I’m committed to doing so.

Visit my site,, go now and see if you like something there.  Buy it or comment on what you would do to the art you like.




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