When Copycats Sing




Copying is the exact reason why I am reluctant to post to social media about anything I’m doing with my studio.   It’s really sad when that happens too.  You accept follow requests, you assume people are on the up and up and because you’re not all the way jaded or bitter towards the world you believe everything will be alright.  But can I ask, Is the new hustle is to follow someone who’s smaller than you, watch what they do and then do it as if it was your original idea? Is that where we’re at today?


And yet and still, I must keep going, despite the horrible singing and melody of the copycats.

Let me just say this, while I acknowledge that I’m the little guy, with very few followers on social media, one because I can admit to not being consistent enough, for this very reason I should add, and two, I refuse to buy followers, I understand that I’m ripe for the picking when it comes to copying.  I’ve been a victim to copycats more than once in terms of the art I create and with how I build my studio.  I recently fell victim to it again, this time by a semi-big artist.  A lesson in putting yourself out there artists thinking of taking the leap into social media society…it’s simply a risk you take In my case, it began with the art commercials and now it’s my “how to” videos, now I’m pretty sure once I drop a few more ideas, they’ll be ripped off too.  …it isn’t cool, be original, stop it.

Signed, your favorite artist’s favorite artist.


People often make you feel like you’re paranoid and wrong because you think someone is all up in your grease , your moxie,…trust your gut. That shit is real, it’s happening.


Here’s the deal, if you want advice on how to make your shit poppin, email me, and let’s have a discussion on ways you can take your art studio to a different level. I’ll give you the ideas and get this, I won’t implement them for myself. Good thing I have plenty of ideas.  Plenty. My email is:, hit me up, stop copying.

AREA SOCIETY, let’s discuss.  Have you ever been copied? How does it make you feel? What do you do about it?





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