CANVAS SEEDS help you grow…no seriously they do. 

Plant the Seed, Practice art. Ever heard that before? Me neither but I’m declaring it today.
How do you become better at something? You practice.
How do you become better at art? You practice.
That’s it. Nothing else.
In fact, I actually consider every painting I work on as practice.
I’m aware of my weaknesses as an artist. One area in particular I’d like to improve is the skill to paint with precision. Being that I paint with a palette knife, my paintings tend to lack the preciseness the way a painting with brushwork would and while we’re on the subject, I actually have plans to venture back into painting with a brush despite my DSH syndrome. < more on this later and no, it’s not a real condition.
One way I thought of to remedy DSH, was to force myself to practice on smaller canvases. I started printing mini canvases in my studio, I’ve affectionately named, Canvas Seeds™. Simple 4×4 inch, black and white canvas templates of my finished artworks I then repaint with watercolor, acrylic or oil to perfect my mini brushwork or precision skills. They are a quick antidote to help me feel better about myself, *grin*and while helping to improve my painting skills at the same time.

I recently took my painting entitled “The Rainbow Within” and turned it into a Canvas seed to test myself and let me just say…It took some work and actually proved to be a challenge! I chose this painting because the coloring n the original piece is complicated.
But here’s the good thing, I’m sharing these Canvas Seeds™ with you. If you are an artist, who like me wants to improve precision skills or test color palettes, then plant the seed. If you know of a young artist with dreams to improve in their art, plant the seed. If you teach art then these are the perfect seeds for your students to plant.
Canvas Seeds were created for artists and art lovers alike to apply their own unique flavor to blank templates of my artwork. Some of the artwork is unique to my eye; some will feature popular subjects or famous people too.
Canvas Seeds are ideally for beginners and work well with: Acrylic and Oils but Inks and Watercolors work too.
Think of it as Paint by numbers for adults but without the numbers, well because I believe in you. Most of my works are abstract and raw anyway, so who am I to tell you what colors to choose. Let your eyes and mind do the decision making.

Let me know what you think good idea or bad? I think good.

Watch the video on how the piece above came together….in other words, how it works!



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