Via Colori Houston

I absolutely love this event.  This past weekend was spent in downtown Houston painting the street. Every year I get a chance to participate in the Via Colori Houston festival which benefits the Center for Hearing and Speech, and every year I wait until the last minute to think of an idea.

The event is Sat & Sun yet I didn’t start crafting ideas until the Friday before. I planned to lay in bed and start sketching. 😳 That obviously didn’t go well because although sketchbook and charcoal in hand when I get into a horizontal position of any degree, it ends in sleep. I’m trying so hard not to. E old but it’s just not working. Yea, Not Good. Needless to say I fell asleep and awoke at 4am Sat still needing to come up with a concept. I came up with 3 Africa centered ideas <that was my theme. I planned to merge the continent with a strong face of some sort rather than create a stereotypical image, which by the way, a girl a few squares down from me did. 🙄

I always get a 6X6 square even though I usually color outside of the lines.

There were soooo many people this year with Sunday being the most visited day. I had a couple of beers, to the shock of some passerbys (Yes, black girl magic includes an occasional beer or two) while enjoying the awesome bands that were playing.

I also took a couple of breaks 🌬 at my car where I was able to get away from it all.  Luckily the garage was free both days, which made my one block walk to the event even better.

Here are a few progress shots of then piece I chose to create which lead up to the last and final image.


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