All I can do is shake my head

Rather than scream, I acquiese instead


When “they” don’t get it, it baffles me so

Why, don’t you know an artist has a different flow?

Our eyes are sewn in as miracles, wonders, only God knows

Your idea of “this” and “that” are minor details as our work grows

Stand by, sit back, be patient I say

Because those who get “it” will prove it as soon as you pay.


Ok, that was a frustrated type, horrible poem I had to rid myself of amidst this sunny Saturday afternoon here in Houston.  I made some sketches for a painting and the person commissioning the painting attempted shade by calling them masculine basically, reminding me that they needed to be feminine enough to hang in a woman’s room.  This person is close to me, so I’m not that upset.  It just gets really frustrating when people doubt you even though…

Keep in mind that I’m crafting this painting after an artist she’d prefer.  So in trying to add my own spin, and staying awafrom blatant copying, it ain’t the bizness for her.  I’ll get it, but the energy to finish it today is a no.

Let’s see.

There is an art competition coming up in the city, work is due in May.  I have a couple of paintings. 

I have several paintings I’ve been “working on” for months.  I feel ashamed. 

I made some ”                                  “…details coming soon. 

Adriana Evans is serving me life today.  Whenever I listen to her music, I imagine I live on the ocean, specifically the caribbean, I have a refrigerator full of organic food and sangria.  In other words, life is perfect.  

I’ve been instal-stalking a lot lately and it’s hurting my confidence.  

I gave myself this year for my art to really blossom or I’m walking away from it completely. 






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