Creating All over the Place

It’s been a blog damn minute.
I realize that I’m hard to pin down.
If you follow me on social media, then you’d know, first, I’m not a star, and you’d also learn that I do art.

But what you probably can’t determine is what type of art I create.

It’s my big artistic Achilles heel.
I create all over the place but I have a very good reason for it.
Let me take you back to 1999, it was my senior year in highschool and I just enrolled in AP studio art.  It was my 1st period class. Sounds fun right? Yes, it was until I found out I was pregnant and then every morning just became a whole entire chore with me just trying to keep awake…more on that pregnancy thang here.
Let me just say, I loved my studio art class.  It was entirely the bomb to be able to create whatever in the time allotted. The only problem? That practice of creating any and every ole thing hasn’t left.

In studio art, we were required to piece together essentially a multi-disciplined portfolio to be graded at the end of the course.  It was encouraged to create on broad scale. That meant 3d works, the use of differing mediums, subject matter, and so forth.

I still do this to this day.

I fell in love with the potential and possibility of art as I created piece after piece after piece. It remains in me and in every way that I approach a new piece to this day.
Now the problem is the fact that when people view my work, they can’t identify what it is I do other than create art.
Which has led to me having meltdowns about what it is I’m doing and why people don’t seem to get it.

I realized that too many choices can paralyze the mind.

In this post, I just wanted to break down what I do from an artistic standpoint and lay out the areas of my art studio that will help you understand better.

I create

Brush Paintings

(See Here)

and Palette Knife Paintings

(See Here)

My style is Black-Neo Folk Contemporary and very symbol oriented. Read More here.
My Artist Statement can be found here.
I sell:
Paintings, Prints, Art Gifts, Graphic Art, Services & More.

I started A Rebel Eye Art Studios to be an art house for all of this.

My Studio also does Screen-printing, Print on Demand, Makes Art Supplies, Makes Graphic Art and Creates Art Media Content

One way to know my art work is by signature, which looks like this: not the wrist, the symbol.

My color palette also tends to stay in the basic primary and complimentary color lane ( I do want to change that though)

My art can be found here: and you can follow my studio on Instagram here.
I hope this breakdown helps you, comment below and let me know if it does or even better, let me know if you’ve been a fan.



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