Portrait Study Notes

This portrait I intend on submitting to an art call here in Houston.  Pieces are due at the end of May. That leaves little time to pull of a realist portrait but I’m going to try hard to do it. 

Oh and this is the first time I’m doing one. 

(What’s wrong with me? No really?) 

What’s shown below is the piece in progress  and the original photo.  It’s a piece featuring my oldest teen son, holding a bundle of balloons….There is a reason for that….more on it later. 

The balloons will eventually reflect the American flag, so assume what you will about the meaning of the painting based on that.  

At the moment I’m only finished with under painting in a color I’ll be posting about soon. 

What I notice is the difference in distance of the ear and neck, both items I plan to correct later. (Tonight) 

(UPDATE: this blog was edited 5/9/17 and in between more updates were made to the painting. See here on this Instagram.  PROGRESS

I’m anxious to get to it…when will art be full time for me?…daily i ask. 


The distance in ear, neck, nose and balloons need some work

Materials used so far:

Homemade Natural Red Oil Paint, Linseed Oil, Odorless thinner, 2 brushes 

Thoughts while painting: 

Everyone is overly competitive, more than they want to believe…

Art People are snobs 

All art isn’t good

Why do I have to go to work tomorrow? 


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