The Daily Thug 7/26

I didn’t mention in the previous post that I was home away from work just as I was today. 

“Taste n Smell” 8×10 oil on canvas

I used my oil paint brand, ALKMY for help with the flesh tones on this one. 

This painting derives from a photo on Instagram. I initially wanted to do a female subject like the previous post, using the word “beauty” as a reference tag. What appeared was this photo. 

An interesting choice for the word “beauty” I thought but went for it anyway.  I’ve seen many artists choose the focus in on facial features such as this and felt it would be a good challenge in this journey of daily painting. 

On another note, I found out I’d be showing one of my abstract works at  an upcoming art show here in Houston.   The funny thing? It was due to a wild abstract piece I finished a week ago just to release some tension. 

But on to today’s daily painting. 


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