About Farrah

“I’ve been doing this art thing for eons…and I don’t plan on quitting any time soon.”


California Smile


Farrah Lynch is a self taught multi-disciplined artist based in Houston, TX and is the founder, warrior and chief creative artist of A REBEL EYE ART STUDIOS.

Her safe place, her discovery zone and art fortifier.

 A true vestige of her passion for the arts, A/R/E/A/ was launched in 2013 to be a unique visual platform where conventional ideas about art and business are thrown out the window in favor of a more dynamic and unorthodox approach to art business success.

Having worked in a corporate environment for 17+ years, Farrah learned the importance of being able to multi-task in high pressure arenas and observed the fate of companies that failed to innovate within those arenas as a result.  She believes that as a woman with her background, starting a business is a rebellious act and she is energized by the examples she was given throughout her career.  To date, Farrah has worked with companies that have either been woman owned and operated or led.  It’s this example that leads her on the path of creative entrepreneurship where she is able to spread her notion of what an art business can look like in our world today.


“I established A Rebel Eye Art Studios to be a repository for my alternative curiosities and an exploratory for the kindred soul.  From the period of being a young girl to now as an adult woman, I was and am exposed to different ways of thinking about and visualizing the world, prompting me to engage in it creatively, impacting my idea of community, my family life and world view.  I’ve been awakened to cultures unknown at an early age while simultaneously becoming aware of my own unique value as a person.   I craft and share art because it’s the closest way that I can commune with my innate nature and through this I hope to inform others on aspects that may have never been considered.”

“This is the rebelliousness that drives me, my ideas, my imagery, my soul.”

“I decided to enter into creative entrepreneurship and business because it is a rebellious act.  My journey in life up to this point has taught me that a dull existence is not an enlightened one, nor does it make for a robust or lasting legacy, nor does it help others.   As a mother, corporate employee, wife, and so many other roles, I had entertained conformance for far too long and begin to question what I have really done for my community.” 

I am led by this.





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