The Officle blog of A Rebel Eye Art Studios

The Official blog of A Rebel Eye Art Studios.

See Farrah Paint is the raw art blog of A Rebel Eye Art Studios.

Hi, Welcome to my blog, SEE FARRAH PAINT, a blog intended to inspire you, yes you, to live in creative mode instead of default mode.  I challenge you to allow yourself to be inspired here, to connect with me through dialogue if you can relate to my posts and to ignite and nurture your inner artist along with me.

 Here, you will find new posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with an occasional Sat thrown in to help give you more insight into what it’s like to be an artist in 2016.

I encourage you to not only explore my blog for great content, but also to tune in to my videos here, upcoming podcasts, live paint sessions and of course the mothership, my main art hub, my ace, my studio website found here.

And Yes, I have freebies.

 Here is one: A recently written  Mini-Eguide   you can have to help you understand the steps to take for starting your first Contemporary Art Collection.

I’m so glad you’re here…let’s inspire each other through art.


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SEE FARRAH PAINT Created by Farrah Lynch, Purposed to Inspire. 


An A Rebel Eye Art Studios LLC website.  2016 Copyright. All my damn rights reserved.




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